Lawn Care & Maintenance in Flint, TX

Lawn Care & Maintenance in Flint, TX

Greener Acres Lawn Care is proud to offer its professional lawn care and maintenance services to the people of Flint, Texas.  We are a local lawn care services company that specializes in mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, maintenance of flowerbeds, fall clean-up and many more.  When it comes to taking care of your lawn we mean serious business. It is our mission to offer you the best service in our industry.  We look forward to the chance to turn your lawn from drab to fab.

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Why We Are the Best Lawn Service in Flint, TX

Lawn in Flint TX maintained by Greener Acres Lawn Care

When it comes to lawn care, there are few things that can be more infuriating than spending hours upon hours on making sure your lawn looks great but not getting the results you really want. At Greener Acres Lawn Care you do not have to waste any more time on trial and error as our team of lawn care professionals can make any lawn look gorgeous. Our years of experience paired with our extensive knowledge of horticulture can make turn your lawn into the envy of the entire neighborhood.

We know that there are lots of homeowners that struggle to find the time and energy to take care of their lawn. Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, cleaning up leaf and branch debris, flowerbed maintenance and more are just some of the things you need to do to make your lawn look great. Do you have the time to do all these and do it right?  Furthermore, to achieve a spectacular lawn you need a level of care that goes above and beyond mowing.  At Greener Acres Lawn Care we can make your lawn look great with periodic fertilizing, core aeration, weed prevention and control and much more.  Our broad range of lawn care services lets you customize a plan that suits your needs and budget. Let us help you transform your lawn today.

Professional Lawn Mowing Services

As your grass grows it will require regular mowing to look healthy and looking great. At Greener Acres Lawn Care, you never have to sweat in the sweltering heat of the sun or get bitten by mosquitoes. Our professional team ca keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful. From precision mowing to edging and more we can make your lawn look polished, green, healthy looking. The way you have always wanted and longed for.


There is nothing like the appearance of ugly weeds to ruin the sight of any lawn. Weeds can sprout out anytime and if you find one there is probably more somewhere already.  Why wait for a weed invasion when you can let Greener Acres Lawn Care Company get rid of the weeds and prevent them from ever coming back.  Weeds not only are unsightly but they compete for sunlight and nutrients that your grass needs in order for them to grow.  Watering and mowing does not kill them but only helps them spread to other areas. Our tried and tested pre-emergent weed control program can destroy the most stubborn weeds so you can have the healthiest lawn in the neighborhood.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is an art that requires knowledge and experience if it is to be done properly.  At Greener Acres Lawn Care one of our specialty services is hedge trimming. Our professional staff can keep your shrubs and hedges looking clean and refined using high-precision equipment and a keen eye for detail.  Hedge trimming can be tricky because taking too much can ruin your shrubs and poor shaping can make them look ludicrous. At Greener Acres you can trust us to do our job properly and ensure every shrub and hedge gets the attention it needs to look great.

Flower Bed Maintenance

One of the things we take pride in here in Texas is our gorgeous outdoor flower beds and gardens that make our homes look absolutely fabulous. Our warm regional climate gives us the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of our flowers, shrubs and ground covers. While it may be easy to plant these, it takes special care and attention to ensure they look gorgeous and healthy all-year long.  Green Acres Lawn Care offers professional maintenance of your flower beds to make sure you always get that picture-perfect look no matter what the season.

Fall Cleanup Services

The fall colors exude a beauty that is only surpassed by spring.  The falling leaves are absolutely beautiful but they can quickly can become a nuisance once they start dirtying up the yard.  Greener Acres Lawn Care offers professional fall cleanup services to ensure your yard is free from leaves, fallen branches and other debris.  We employ professional grade leaf blowers, leaf rakes and tarps to collect and remove the debris from your lawn and flower beds.  Let Greener Acres help you enjoy the fall colors without the nuisance of picking up the leaves.

For all your lawn care and lawn maintenance needs in Flint, Texas, call Greener Acres Lawn Care today!

Proudly Serving Communities in the Tyler, Texas Area

  • Gresham, TX
  • Whitehouse, TX





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Let us tell you a little bit about this bustling community.

Overview of Flint, TX

Flint is an unincorporated community located in Smith County Texas and is approximately 11 miles south of downtown Tyler.  It is located at the junction of Old Jacksonville Highway (2493) and Farm Roads 2868 and 346, and is just south of Gresham and about 4 miles north of the city of Bullard. To the west of Flint is the Noonday community,

Flint Texas Post Office in Zip Code 75762

Life in Flint

Currently, Flint is experiencing a form of exponential development as a kind of “bedroom community” for Tyler including the successful location of new enterprises in the area.  There are a variety of businesses that call Flint home including Northland Communications that offers cable, internet and television services.  There is also a Chevron gas station and convenience store as well as a host of other small businesses that cater to the needs of the locals.  In January of 2015 Kactus Kate’s Mercantile opened just beside the Flint Fire Station. This is owned by Kathy Watkins and her two daughters Heather and Tiffani. Their inventory includes rustic, western-themed furniture items as well as other unique goods for home décor.

Green Acres Lawn Care is proud to offer its lawn care and maintenance services to the good people of Flint, Texas. We thought you might like to know a bit more about this interesting and vibrant community.

History of Flint, TX

The town was named after Robert P. Flynt a local landowner. The misspelling on the name is attributed to the town’s first postmaster who filled out the post office application incorrectly. The year after, Robert P. Flynt himself became the next postmaster but he no longer changed the name of the town. The town was a stop on the Kansas and Gulf Line Railroad.  In 1890, the census showed only a population of 25 residents, a general store but had a physician in town which was quite rare during those days and a town this small.  In 1902, it is estimated that there were 100 families living in the area, al were farming vegetables. As a whole they shipped 85 carloads of veggies mostly tomatoes, peaches, cabbage and watermelons. During the Great Depression, Flint was hit hard and after the 2nd World War, the population dwindled to just 150. The Flint ISD merged with Tyler IS in 1952. The town retained its post office and could have possibly under reported its 1990 census figures of 150 residents because 700 were reported in the 200 census.


The population in Flint (zip 75762) is 12,986. There are 298 people per square mile aka population density. The median age in Flint (zip 75762) is 38.5, the US median age is 37.4. The number of people per household in Flint (zip 75762) is 2.5, the US average of people per household is 2.6.

Family in Flint (zip 75762)

– 71.6% are married
– 10.2% are divorced
– 37.9% are married with children
– 6.7% have children, but are single

Race in Flint (zip 75762)

– 80.4% are white
– 8.7% are black
– 0.9% are Asian
– 0.7% are native American
– 0.4% claim Other
– 6.2% claim Hispanic Ethnicity
– 2.7% Two or More Races
– 0.0% Hawaiian, Pacific Islander

Cost of Living

Cost of Living Flint Texas USA
Overall 92.4 93.9 100
Grocery 95.5 93.7 100
Health 101.9 95.4 100
Housing 84.8 84.3 100
Median Home Cost $196,100 $195,000 $231,200
Utilities 92.7 99.2 100
Transportation 93.8 103.3 100

Nearby Grocery Stores

  • Brookshire’s
  • Dollar General
  • Nakash Food
  • Chip Berry Produce

Commercial Electrical Company

  • Ambit Energy
  • Miller Electric Inc
  • Cherokee County Electric Co-op
  • Oncor Electric Delivery

Commercial Gas Company

  • Chevron
  • XTO Energy Inc
  • Tylex Inc
  • Texas Eastern Transmission
  • Gulf South Pipeline Co
  • Glo Flame Propane

Commercial Water Company

  • Liberty Utilities
  • Southern Utilities

Commercial Sewer Company

  • Southern Utilities

Commercial Trash Service Company

  • Ameri-Tex Trash Services
  • Right Way Disposal LLC
  • JDog Junk Removal and Hauling
  • Duke Sanitation Services

Commercial Internet Service Provider Options

  • Century Link
  • Suddenlink Communications

Commercial Cable / Satellite Company options

  • DirecTV
  • Suddenlink Communications

Commercial Phone Company

  • Suddenlink
  • AT&T U-verse
  • Verizon
  • Boost Mobile
  • Century Link


There are 3 school districts that provide the educational needs of the city and these are Whitehouse, Bullard and Tyler ISD with the latter being the major school district.

Places of Worship

Here are some of the places of worship in the city:

  • Flint Baptist Church
  • Grace Fellowship Church
  • Harvest Time Church of Tyler
  • Noonday United Methodist Church
  • Mary Magdalene
  • The Carpenter’s Cross Baptist Church


The top employers in Flint are:

  • Northland Communications
  • Chevron Gas Station
  • WRL General Contractors
  • Rubicon Wild Birds and More
  • Kactus Kate’s Mercantile
  • Flint Gypsies
  • Long’s Irrigation Company
  • Flint Vet Clinic
  • Wells Marble Company
  • 4-Way Café 

Restaurants & Nightlife

4 Way Café – The most popular restaurant in town.  The food is super delicious, service is great and is a nice little place to hang out.  They offer breakfast and lunch and casseroles to go. The homemade desserts are just wonderful. Do try the King Ranch Chicken.  The breakfast burritos and omelets are amazingly great.

Purple Pig Café #1 — They offer the meanest chicken fried steak in town. The house salad as one of the sides coupled with mashed potatoes and gravy are highly recommended. Fast and friendly service and they offer a 10% discount to military members.

Pop’s Honey Fried Chicken — They are best known for their delicious fried chicken but they also serve other cafeteria style meals such as catfish, collard greens, macaroni and other comfort food.  The fried chicken is amazingly moist with a tasty crispy crust.

Fun Things to Do in Flint, TX

Waterpark at the Villages – This is a vast indoor recreation complex perfect for kids and the entire family.  There is a pizza place and a Subway available for food and drinks.

Dogwood Hills Gun Club – If you are into guns and range shooting this is the place to go.  The staff are wonderful and always emphasizes gun safety at all times. The ranges are safe and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Flint, TX truly is a great place.  If you’d like to know more about our lawn care and maintenance services here in Flint, give us a call.  We can’t wait to meet you.

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