Lawn Care & Maintenance Lake Palestine, TX

Lawn Care & Maintenance Lake Palestine, TX

Greener Acres Lawn Care is excited to offer its premier lawn care & lawn maintenance services to the residents of Lake Palestine Texas.  Since we are a local lawn care company, we are already very familiar with the East-Texas weather and what best plants and grass to grow and maintain to ensure your lawn is looking gorgeous all-year round. Our portfolio of professional services include: professional lawn mowing of your vacation homes, weed control and prevention, maintenance of flower beds, hedge trimming services and fall cleanup care.  Trust us to take care of your lawn and gardens here in beautiful Lake Palestine, Texas.

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Lawn on Lake Palestine maintained by Greener Acres Lawn CareLake Palestine Lawn Care is Our Specialty

We offer professional, reliable and reasonably prices lawn care in the Lake Palestine area. Here is a list of all the services we offer so you don’t have to worry about your lake home looking its best.

Lake Palestine Professional Lawn Mowing Services

Why do most people think that the grass is greener on the other side? The answer is professional lawn mowing services. At Greener Acres Lawn Care, we know grass like the palms of our hands. We know the best height to ensure healthful trimming depending on the season.  Do you want your neighbors to think the grass is always greener at your side? Call us, we can make it happen. Trust only Greener Acres Lawn Care to take care of the mowing for you.

Weed Control Services

There is nothing more frustrating than a garden full of weeds. Weeds are notorious for taking over lawns. They sprout slowly and insidiously. They steal precious nutrients from your plants and grass and can quickly take over the lawn before you know it.  If you feel you are losing a constant battle with weeds on your lawn, its time the experts come in to ensure the problem is taken care of effectively.  At Greener Acres Lawn Care, weed control is one of our specialties.  When we are done taking care of these pesky invaders, your lawn will have a fresh lease on life to grow healthy and strong. Be the envy of the entire neighborhood with Greener Acres Lawn Care weed control services.

Hedge Trimming Services

Hedges are notorious for growing unruly but if trimmed right you will achieve a sculptured and clean look on your garden. Trust the skilled hands of our professional hedge trimmers to shape, trim and sculpt the hedges of your garden here in gorgeous Lake Palestine Texas.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower beds are always the “stars of the show” for many lawns and gardens. A beautifully kept flower bed can make your garden pop up with color, life and gorgeous imagery. Let Greener Acres Lawn Care design a maintenance plan to ensure you have beautiful flowers all-year round.

Lake Palestine Fall Cleanup Services

There is nothing more gorgeous than the fall colors when leaves turn from red to brown. The falling leaves and the smell they leave behind hearkens memories of seasons come and gone.  While there is so much magic experienced during the fall season, the leaves do create a bed of dead leaf debris that can ruin an otherwise beautiful garden. No one wants to spend their weekends cleaning up the falling leaves. Time that can be spent more with family or other recreational or work activities. Let Greener Acres Lawn Care Fall Cleanup Services do the work for you.

Lawn Service Provider for your Vacation Home

Lake Palestine is popular because of the many wonderful fun activities the lake offers and the beautiful vacation homes that dot the landscape.  Greener Acres Lawn Care is your all-around lawn care and maintenance provider for your vacation property. Anyone can come up with a gorgeous lawn and garden over the weekend but it is impossible to do it if you are away most of the time. As a vacation property it is important that your lawn looks always gorgeous any day of the year.  You and your guests want to see artfully manicured lawn, trimmed grass and hedges, beautiful flower beds and clean gardens when you arrive. The last thing you want is to see a jungle of weeds and dried leaves. Not only is this an eye sore but will turn off your guests if you rent out the property. This is where Greener Acres Lawn Care comes in. We will take care of everything for you. From ensuring your grass is cut to the right length so it grows strong, green and healthy to ensuring your flower beds are watered, blossoming and an eye to behold.  We take care of all of this so you do not have to worry. Our team of expert professionals can come in, do all the needed work and be out of there in a flash.

We Know How Important Your Vacation Home Is

At Greener Acres Lawn Care, our aim is to provide a convenient, seamless and world-class experience for vacation homeowners in Lake Palestine Texas. We know how you are very busy with your time and lawn care is something that you should not be worrying about. We know how important your vacation home is to you so we strive to give you the best quality of service to ensure your lawns are always perfect. We can provide you with a quick personalized quote of our services that are based on the size of your lawn, location and requested services. We can measure all lawn areas, plant beds, sidewalks and driveways and we will send a professional, pre-screened and vetted lawn professional without you having to be there personally.  Our payment and scheduling can be done from the convenience of your phone or tablet and we can provide photos upon request should you are not able to view the property for your complete satisfaction.

Greener Acres Lawn Care is completely committed to the safe care of your home and gardens. This means we have very strict safety standards. There is really no price when it comes to peace of mind. From the second you request for our services to the time our team finishes the work, the Greener Acres Lawn Care experience has been conceptualized from the ground up with safety and security as top priority.

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