Lawn Care, Lawn Service & Maintenance Company in Tyler, TX

Lawn Care, Lawn Service & Maintenance Company in Tyler, TX

Greener Acres Lawn Care is happy to offer its premier lawn care and lawn maintenance services to the great people of Tyler, Texas.  As a local company we are completely aware on how to keep your lawn and flower beds looking their best no matter what the season. We understand the East Texas weather & environment so we know what will work best for your lawns.  Our professional services include lawn mowing, weed control and prevention, flower bed maintenance, hedge trimming and fall cleanup.  Let us be your trusted lawn care company here in Tyler, Texas.

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Why we are the Best Lawn Care Company in Tyler, TX

Lawn Care Service in the Tyler Texas area

What We Offer

When you hire us to be your lawn care service provider you put your lawn in the hands of trained professionals who know the ins and outs of lawn care. Let’s face it, most folks knowledge about proper lawn care are limited and it is possible you could end up doing some serious damage to your lawn by over-watering or cutting your grass too short. Not to mention the physical effort it takes to do this on a consistent basis.  As a local Tyler lawn care company, we are aware of the Texas weather and environment to know how to best handle your lawn and gardens in order to keep it attractive and healthy looking.

Professional Lawn Mowing Tyler, TX

Mowing your lawn is a labor-intensive endeavor. And it is not unusual for many people to encounter sore muscles and possibly injuries after spending the weekend doing this chore. Furthermore, the time you spend mowing your lawn can be best spent bonding with your family or friends. When it comes to professional lawn mowing, leave all your worries to us.  We can keep your grass properly trimmed to the right height based on the season.  Also, we can do sidewalk edging and blow grass clipping off your sidewalk, patio and driveway.  Let us take care of all your mowing chores for you.

Weed Control

Weeds are a perennial problem for any homeowner that wants a pristine, healthy and robust looking lawn and garden.  Weeds compete for daylight, steal nutrients from your plants and takeover territory quickly if they are not dealt with properly. If you are tired of pulling and spraying herbicides on crabgrass and dandelions on your lawn maybe it’s time to call the professionals at Greener Acres Lawn Care to provide a more effective and long-lasting solution for you.

Hedge Trimming

There is nothing like a perfectly cut hedge to complement the beauty of your lawns.  Hedges just like other plants can grow and become unkempt if not trimmed properly.  However, not anyone can trim a hedge to its correct shape and height. Those that do so on their own run the risk of making their garden look goofy with the oddly shaped cuts on their hedges. Greener Acres Lawn Care has the skill and the artistic eye for detail to perform this job for you.

Flower Beds

The showcase of any lawn and garden are its flower beds. They add color, variety and composition to an otherwise minimalist lawn.  With Greener Acres Lawn Care you do not have to worry about how to keep your flowerbeds healthy, vibrant and lush.  We get rid of the weeds, apply the right kind of fertilizer and cultivate the soil, edge definition, assist you to select the right flowers and help keep them healthy looking all year long. Allow us to make you a flower bed maintenance plan to suit your needs and goals.

Fall Cleanup Services

When the leaves change from red to brown you know that the fall season is underway. And with it comes the falling leaves, dead branches and other debris that begin to litter your lawn and yard. Would you want to spend the holidays and weekends cleaning up the dead leaves and debris? Or spend the time them with your family instead? Let Greener Acres Lawn Care perform your fall cleanup needs for you.  We use sophisticated equipment to clean your lawn of debris so it will always look clean and pristine for the upcoming winter season.

For all your lawn care and lawn maintenance needs here in Tyler, trust only the professionals at Greener Acres Lawn Care.

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